Rakuno Gakuen University Graduate School | Veterinary Medicine・Dairy Science

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[Master’s Course] Veterinary Science

[Master’s Course] Veterinary Science

Basic Veterinary Science

Veterinary Microanatomy Professor
Kazushige Takehana
1) Research on diversity and structural analysis of connective tissues, collagen in particular
2) Research on collagen application to regenerative medicine
3) About a change of the connective tissue in the hepatic lobule construction
Veterinary Pharmacology Professor
Takio Kitazawa
1) Comparative physiological research for the action of acetylcholine and serotonin on colonic motility
2) Peptide hormone (ghrelin and motilin) regulating the gastrointestinal motility of birds and fishes
3) Muscarinic receptor subtypes and their function in various visceral smooth muscles and heart
Veterinary Pathology Professor
Hiroyuki Taniyama
1) Pathology of tumor in domestic animals
2) Pathology of infectious disease in domestic animals
3) Pathology of exercise device disease
Veterinary Virology Professor
Rikio Kirisawa
1) Research on pathogenicity and immunogenicity of horse herpesvirus 1
2) Epidemiologic study of the viral diseases of animals
3) Study about immunoconjugate therapy for canine cancer
Public Health Professor
Yutaka Tamura
1) Molecular epidemiology of antimicrobial resistant bacteria isolated from animal and environment
2) Microbiological research on food hygiene

Veterinary Clinical Sciences

Animal Health Professor
Hajime Nagahata
1) Preventive research on animal disease in farm animals
2) Immunological studies on the control of bovine mastitis ondairy farm
Production Medicine in Veterinary Sciences Professor
Motoshi Tajima
Control of infectious diseases in cattle herd management
Veterinary Anesthesiology Professor
Kazuto Yamashita
1) Clinical research on general anesthesia, pain control and perioperative nutrition in dogs and cats
2) Development of the new total intravenous anesthesia (TIVA) for horses
3) Research on the treatment for septicemia of horses
Image Diagnosis Professor
Tetsuya Nakade
Image Diagnosis and Interventional Radiology
Animal Physical Therapy Associate Professor
Sae Tsubakishita
1) Evaluation of post-operative rehabilitation to provide accelerated recovery for dogs and cats.
2) Assessment of neuromuscular function and efficacy of rehabilitation in dogs with gait disturbance.
Veterinary Ethology Associate Professor
Tadashi Sano
1) The study of anesthetic/ analgesic and nutritional management during peri-operative period in dogs and cats
2) The influence of peri-operative pain control for the recovery after operation in dogs and cats