Rakuno Gakuen University Graduate School | Veterinary Medicine・Dairy Science

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Outline of Veterinary Medicine

Outline of Veterinary Medicine

The research field of veterinary medicine diverges into many branches. Veterinary medicine doctoral course offers the lectures on three fields: basic veterinary medicine (Biosciences/Pathobiology), clinical veterinary medicine (Large Animal Clinical Sciences/Small Animal Clinical Sciences) and applied veterinary medicine (Health and Environmental Sciences).

This School boasts many remarkable records through its history, earning an excellent reputation especially by the research on the genetic disease, a virus and illness by the protozoan in the industrial animal veterinary medicine and a study about the breeding disorder, not only nationally but also internationally.

Furthermore, the research field is for many divergences in order to meet the request of the times; fundamental study which high technique is applied to, large and small animal clinical veterinary science, environmental science based on veterinary medicine.

Many of our findings have been reported in major journals both in Japan and abroad attracting broad attention.

Our research staff operates extensively both in Japan and overseas. Our school now plays a role as an international research institute.

The graduate students play active parts as researchers in stock or hygiene-related national examination/research organizations and pharmaceutical companies, university teachers, and so on.

Lastly, a teaching assistant system is established in this course. If selected as a teaching assistant, financial aid will be given.