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Outline of Dairy Science

Outline of Dairy Science

Dairy Science

Among all the different branches of agriculture, dairy farming is surrounded by advanced technology in particular. The field continues to undergo a series of spectacular new technological development such as fertile egg transplant. As informatization has been also advancing, today’s dairy and agricultural workers need the ability to collect and analyze information to make use of technology and advanced knowledge of management. Also, more advanced specialties are required for the staff of agriculture-related organizations.

To meet these demands in dairy-related field, we conduct broad researches on crop production science, domestic animal production science, dairy farming information science and so on.

As the applicants for this course have been increasing, we will nurture leaders and organize research institutes and facilities for improving our guidance environment.

Our graduate students go into research institutes mainly, and also some become teachers and consultants.

Food Science

In the age when food safety is a big issue, researches and development relating to food are playing an increasingly important role and attracting people’s attention.

We have been tackling with the research and development of new food processing methods and improvement of food quality enthusiastically. Also, we are striving to offer new proposals on complicated food distribution system and theories by carrying out a great variety of research in the areas of food resource, food policy and business management.

We offer the satisfactory organization that covers from food production to development, processing, distribution and environmental and economy such as development of new functional food and advanced food processing methods, research on good quality dietary fiber that supplements modern people’s fiber shortages, usage of new enzyme for food, new food distribution system.

Furthermore, as food to the lifestyle disease is becoming more important, the investigation of relations between the element and health is a big subject. To respond to this need, Master’s and Doctoral Course of Food and Nutrition Science were established.