Rakuno Gakuen University Graduate School | Veterinary Medicine・Dairy Science

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Demands of Society and Purposes of the Graduate School

Presently, fields such as agriculture and dairy hold increasing societal importance as primary industries that serve our needs for food. However, the safety of these critical fields is threatened by a variety of challenging ongoing issues, such as human-animal intertransmissible diseases, and environmental pollution which leads to contamination during food production, processing, and distribution. And, while fields including agriculture and dairy are affected by environmental changes such as ecosystem changes or climate changes, we are recently becoming aware of the reciprocal effects of these industries upon the environment. Moreover, our society calls for human welfare, together with harmonization and coexistence between animals, humans, and our environment. To respond to the needs of society in these circumstances, it is essential to introduce an extensive, integrated scientific viewpoint into the studies of agriculture, dairy, and veterinary medicine, and implement research not only nationwide, but internationally as well.

Accordingly, it will continue to become more and more important to ensure stable production and manufacture of food that society can depend on for safety and reliability, while attaining a harmonized coexistence between animals, humans, and our environment. The purpose of Rakuno Gakuen University Graduate School is to foster technologists capable of providing the scientific support necessary to deal with these issues, and promote practical research to scientifically investigate root causes of environmental pollution.

University Graduate School Goals

Based on our school philosophies and tri-fold love for God, humankind, and the Earth, Rakuno Gakuen University Graduate School strives to establish a healthy earth that will ensure the health of people. To this end, our school was established with the goals of pursuing both theoretical and practical academic research in the fields of Dairy Science and Veterinary Medicine, unraveling the mysteries of these fields, and contributing to cultural and scientific development.

Based on the founding principles of Rakuno Gakuen, the Graduate School of Dairy Science pursues goals of promoting thorough, persistent research in dairy science and related scientific fields, extensively returning these results to society, and contributing to human welfare, conservation of our natural environment, and advancement of industry and culture. Notably, Rakuno Gakuen provides an environment for unified study and research of the entire chain from agricultural and livestock production to distribution, processing, and consumption (including nutrition and human life science), facilitating comprehensive, scientific research related to food.

And, based on the founding principles of Rakuno Gakuen, the Graduate School of Veterinary Medicine pursues goals of creatively promoting research and development in veterinary medicine and related fields, and using these results to contribute to human welfare as well as the harmonization and coexistence between animals, humans, and our environment. Both of these graduate schools effectively utilize their connectivity with our undergraduate faculty and academic cluster education to create highly specialized technologists and researchers capable of making meaningful contributions to society.

There is now demand to bring Rakuno Gakuen University’s philosophy of “the health of the earth ensures the health of the people” into practice, not only through Hokkaido and Japan, but through East Asia and around the world as well.