Rakuno Gakuen University Graduate School | Veterinary Medicine・Dairy Science

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[Doctoral Course] Veterinary Medicine

[Doctoral Course] Veterinary Medicine

Basic Veterinary Medicine

Veterinary Anatomy Associate Professor
Hiromi Ueda
1) Histochemical studies on glycoconjugates
2) Morphologic elucidation of healing mechanism of herbal medicine
Veterinary Microanatomy Professor
Kazushige Takehana
1) Research on diversity and structural analysis of connective tissues, collagen in particular
2) Research on collagen application to regenerative medicine
3) About a change of the connective tissue in the hepatic lobule construction
Jun Minaguchi
Functional foods and nutrients on extracellular matrix metabolism
Regulatory mechanism of stem cells by cell-extracellular matrix interactions
Dynamism of mesenchymal cells on tissue construction
Veterinary Physiology Professor
Hiroshi Kitamura
1) Evaluation of roles of novel macrophage molecules in proinflammatory and metainflammatory responses
2) Assessment of metabolic states of companion animals and industrial animals based on activity of the immune-metabolism regulatory axis.
3) Exploration of novel natural compounds giving beneficial effects on the immune-metabolism regulatory axis.
Associate Professor
Hideaki Hayashi
1) Elucidation of nutrient transporter functions of ruminants
2) Study about the changes of metabolic mechanism with the growth of ruminants
Veterinary Physiology and Nutrition Professor
Takenori Onaga
1) The regulatory mechanism of gastrointestinal motility and exocrine secretion
2) Comparative endocrinlogy on bioactive peptides in the digestive tract
3) Comparative nutrition and enzymology in companion animals
Associate Professor
Yumiko Yasui
1) Elucidation of role of endocrine hormone in colitis-related colon carcinogenesis.
2) Chemoprevention of colon carcinogenesis.
Veterinary Biochemistry Professor
Hiroshi Yokota
1) Roles of oxidative modification of protein, lipid and DNA in neuronal toxicities caused by pollutant chemicals
2) Infectious agents and neuronal toxicities in prion diseases
Hidetomo Iwano
1) Elucidation of the next generation influence mechanism of the environmental endocrine
2) Development of the early checkup of the dog breast tumor and the convalescence diagnosis
3) Applied study of the bacteriophage therapy for the cause of disease cells
Veterinary Pharmacology Professor
Takio Kitazawa
1) Comparative physiological research for the action of acetylcholine and serotonin on colonic motility
2) Peptide hormone (ghrelin and motilin) regulating the gastrointestinal motility of birds and fishes
3) Muscarinic receptor subtypes and their function in various visceral smooth muscles and heart
Hiroki Teraoka
1) Elucidation of action mechanism of environmental pollution materials using small tropical fish
2) Research on maintenance science of Japanese cranes
3) Clinical pharmacology of companion animals
Veterinary Pathology Professor
Hiroyuki Taniyama
1) Pathology of tumor in domestic animals
2) Pathology of infectious disease in domestic animals
3) Pathology of exercise device disease
Associate Professor
Minoru Okamoto
Pathomorphological and molecular pathological study of autogenesis diseases in domestic animals, animals in a zoo and aquarium and wild animals
Associate Professor
Kazuya Matsuda
1) Pathological reserch on natural diseases in domestic and wild animals.
2) Anatomical and histopathological diagnosis of diseases in domestic and wild animals.
Veterinary Parasitology Professor
Shin-ichiro Fukumoto
1) Research on biology of parasitism nematode
2) Research on epidemiology, diagnosis and measures of parasites in domestic animals
Mitsuhiko Asakawa
1) Clinical, ecological and epidemiological studies on helminthiasis and/or helminths of wild and zoo animals including so-called “exotic pets”
2) Conservation ecological studies of wildlife using host specific parasite as a biomarker
3) Establishment of conservation medical field in East Asia including Japan
Veterinary Virology Professor
Rikio Kirisawa
1) Research on pathogenicity and immunogenicity of horse herpesvirus 1
2) Epidemiologic study of the viral diseases of animals
3) Study about immunoconjugate therapy for canine cancer
Katsuro Hagiwara
1) Research on hepatitis E virus and Borna disease virus
2) Research on Bovine immunity
3) Study about tumor immunity
Veterinary Bacteriology Professor
Naoya Kikuchi
1) Epidemiological study on bacterial infections in domestic animals
2) Studies on leptospirosis in animals
3) Research on digital dermatitis in cattle
Laboratory Animal Science Professor
Takeo Ohsugi
My group is using transgenic technology and immunodeficiency mouse to develop new animal models for the study of disease pathogenesis and therapy.
Associate Professor
Haruyuki Hirata
1) Development of animal experiment model for analysis of infectious disease and elucidation of protozoan disease using it
2) Development of new diagnosis of piroplasma diseases

Veterinary Clinical Sciences

Large Animal Clinical Sciences
Large Animal Internal Medicine Ⅰ Professor
Motoshi Tajima
1) Control and eradication program of bovine viral diarrhea virus infection.
2) Influence of bovine viral diseases in production medicine.
3) Research on preventive medicine in bovine infectious diseases.
Associate Professor
Hiromichi Otsuka
1)Research on immune function of dairy cows during the periparturient period
2)Research on development of immune system of calves
3)Study about modulation of the immune function in cattle
Large Animal Internal Medicine Ⅱ Professor
Masateru Koiwa
1) Research on disease condition, treatment, prevention and control of internal diseases of calves
2) Study about protective efficacy of cow internal diseases by probiotics
3) Research on the influence mycotoxin gives to domestic animals and its control
Large Animal Surgery Professor
Kiyoshi Taguchi
1) Research on the exercise device disease prevention of a cow group
2) Research on the endoscopic operation of cows and horses
3) Research on solution infusion medical treatment for large domestic animals
Kazuyuki Suzuki
1) Pathophysiological and clinical research on the fluid, electrolyte, and acid-base disorders in the calf and mature cow
2) Pathophysiological research on the endotoxin shock in cattle
Theriogenology Associate Professor
Masaharu Moriyoshi
1) Research on the development of a therapeutic method of sterility cows by reproduction engineering techniques
2) Research on the use of endocrine inspection in the reproduction management of large animals
Small Animal Clinical Sciences
Veterinary Ophthalmology Associate Professor
Seiya Maehara
1) Research on the sight electrophysiological inspection of animals
2) Fundamental clinical study about the ophthalmopathy of animals
Animal Therapeutics Professor
Yoshinori Shimamoto
1) Development of antibodies applicable to research, diagnosis and treatment on diseases in animals
2) Research on Cytochrome P450
3) Research on Care and Management of diseased Animals
Orthopaedic and Neurosurgery Professor
Hiroshi Ueno
1) Clinical research on the diagnosis and treatment of diseases in a skull and spinal cord diseases
2) Research on organization aggression prophylactic methods a the time of acute stage myelopathy and the cell introduction to spinal cord crossing-related change caused by a disease
Veterinary Clinical Oncology Professor
Tsuyoshi Kadosawa
1) Research on diagnostic methods by the image, pathology and gene of tumor diseases of small animals
2) Research on treatment methods by surgery, radiations, drugs and immunity
Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging and Interventional Radiology Professor
Tetsuya Nakade
1) Research on image diagnosis (X-ray, Ultrasonography, CT, MRI) for small animals
2) Research on interventional radiology (IVR)
Veterinary Anesthesiology Professor
Kazuto Yamashita
1) Clinical research on general anesthesia, pain control and perioperative nutrition in dogs and cats
2) Development of the new total intravenous anesthesia (TIVA) for horses
3) Research on the treatment for septicemia of horses
Veterinary Ethology Associate Professor
Tadashi Sano
1) The study of anesthetic/ analgesic and nutritional management during peri-operative period in dogs and cats
2) The influence of peri-operative pain control for the recovery after operation in dogs and cats
Cardiovascular Medicine Associate Professor
Mitsuhiro Isaka
Organ interaction in Cardiovascular Medicine
1) Association between various cytokines and cardiovascular diseases
2) The interaction between respiratory disease and cardiovascular medicine
3) Biomarkers and cardiac function in protosystemic shunt
Animal Physical Therapy Associate Professor
Sae Tsubakishita
1) Evaluation of post-operative rehabilitation to provide accelerated recovery for dogs and cats.
2) Assessment of neuromuscular function and efficacy of rehabilitation in dogs with gait disturbance.

Applied Veterinary Medicine

Health and Environmental Sciences
Animal Health Professor
Hajime Nagahata
1) Preventive research on animal disease in farm animals
2) Immunological studies on the control of bovine mastitis ondairy farm
Hidetoshi Higuchi
1) Basic research on cow’s mammary gland immune system
2) Analysis of the condition of cow hoof disease and its application to the prevention of hoof disease
Veterinary Epidemiology Associate Professor
Kohei Makita
1) Epidemiology of animal and zoonotic diseases in Japan and developing countries
2) Food safety risk analysis
3) Control of animal and zoonotic diseases using One Health approach
Food Microbiology and Food Safety Professor
Yutaka Tamura
1) Molecular epidemiology of antimicrobial resistant bacteria isolated from animal and environment
2) Microbiological research on food hygiene
Associate Professor
Masaru Usui
1) Research on resistant mechanism and immunity of medicine resistant bacteria
2) Epidemiologic research on food poisoning
Environmental Safety Associate Professor
Jun Noda
Research on the fixed-quantity of environmental pollution materials, its diffusion and the elucidation of its course
Anthrozoology Associate Professor
Takanori Kooriyama
1) Research on zooanthroponotic diseases in great apes
2) Research on relationship between marine mammal ecology and human activities
3) Research on biological response of assistance animals to animal assisted intervention
Zoonotic Diseases Professor
Yasukazu Muramatsu
Epdemiologic investigation of bacterial zoonosis
Veterinary Herd Health Professor
Shin Oikawa
1) Research on the control of metabolic diseases of cows
2) Research on the productivity and breeding environment of cows
3) Research on an effective application system of production-related data in dairy farming