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[Doctoral Course] Veterinary Medicine

[Doctoral Course] Veterinary Medicine

Basic Veterinary Medicine

Veterinary Anatomy Associate Professor
Hiromi Ueda
1) Histochemical studies on glycoconjugates
2) Morphologic elucidation of healing mechanism of herbal medicine
Associate Professor
Takafumi Watanabe
1) Analysis of ultra morphological structure using 3D electron microscopy
2) Morphological changes in mitochondria induced by oxidative stress
3) Analysis of connective tissue of the locomotor system
Veterinary Physiology Professor
Takenori Onaga
1) The regulatory mechanism of gastrointestinal motility and exocrine secretion
2) Comparative endocrinlogy on bioactive peptides in the digestive tract
Hideaki Hayashi
1) Stress change in various animals
2) Physiologic assessment and application of the animal welfare
3) Nutrient absorption, metabolism mechanism in the ruminant
Taiki Moriya
1) Analysis of immune cell dynamics by photoconvertible fluorescent protein
2) Analysis of the avian immunological system and applying for veterinary medicine
Veterinary Biochemistry Professor
Hidetomo Iwano
1) Elucidation of the next generation influence mechanism of the environmental endocrine
2) Development of the early checkup of the dog breast tumor and the convalescence diagnosis
3) Applied study of the bacteriophage therapy for the cause of disease cells
Veterinary Pharmacology Professor
Hiroki Teraoka
1) Development of a novel model for drug discovery using the zebrafish
2) Research on environmental toxicology with zebrafish in development
3) Research on maintenance science of Japanese cranes
Tatsuro Nakamura
1)Understanding the roles of allergic responses
2)Establishment of AllergoOncology in dogs
Veterinary Basic Radiology Professor
Daiji Endo
1) Prediction of radiation exposure dose in animals by photon and electron transport simulator
2) Design of PCR primers for discriminative detection based on nucleotide sequence relationships using artificial intelligence (AI)
3) Development of a clinical diagnosis support system based on veterinary medical documents using artificial intelligence (AI)
Comparative medicine Professor
Hiroshi Kitamura
Evaluation of roles of novel macrophage molecules in proinflammatory and metainflammatory responses
Assessment of metabolic states of companion animals and industrial animals based on activity of the immune-metabolism regulatory axis.
Exploration of novel natural compounds giving beneficial effects on the immune-metabolism regulatory axis.
Veterinary Pathology Professor
Kazuya Matsuda
1) Pathological reserch on natural diseases in domestic and wild animals.
2) Anatomical and histopathological diagnosis of diseases in domestic and wild animals.
Parasitology and Zoology Professor
Mitsuhiko Asakawa
Clinical, ecological and epidemiological studies on helminthiasis and/or helminths of wild and zoo animals including so-called “exotic pets” Conservation ecological studies of wildlife using host specific parasite as a biomarker
Establishment of conservation medical field in East Asia including Japan
Veterinary Virology Professor
Katsuro Hagiwara
1) Research on hepatitis E virus and Borna disease virus
2) Research on Bovine immunity
3) Study about tumor immunity
Associate Professor
Tomo Daidouji
1) The research of viral genomics and pathogenicity
2) The research of viral-host interaction and viral pathogenicity
Veterinary Bacteriology Professor
Masato Akiba
1) Studies on molecular epidemiology and preventive technology of bacterial infectious diseases
2) Studies on environmental resistance and pathogenicity of bacteria from animal origin
Veterinary Clinicopathology Associate Professor
Haruyuki Hirata
1) Development of novel diagnostic methods using molecular biological techniques
2) Identification and phylogenetic analysis of parasites and protozoa in various animals

Veterinary Clinical Sciences

Farm Animal Clinical Sciences
Large Animal Internal Medicine Professor
Motoshi Tajima
1) Control and eradication program of bovine viral diarrhea virus infection.
2) Influence of bovine viral diseases in production medicine.
3) Research on preventive medicine in bovine infectious diseases.
Large Animal Surgery Professor
Kazuyuki Suzuki
1)Clinical research on intravenous and nutritional fluid management in large animals
2)Pathophysiological study on cattle inflammatory disease
3)Pathophysiological and clinical pharmacological studies on endotoxin shock
Companion Animal Clinical Sciences
Small Animal Internal Medicine Associate Professor
Hiroshi Ota
1) Study on the pathogenesis of canine chronic enteritis and gastrointestinal lymphoma
2) Study on the pathogenesis of feline low-grade gastrointestinal lymphoma
3) Usefulness of diagnostic imaging in the diagnosis of gastrointestinal disorders in companion animals”
Masahiro Tamura
1) Study of clinical indication of ultrasonographic elastography
2) Research on the application of novel ultrasound technology to veterinary medicine
Small Animal Surgery Professor
Shido Trisu
1) Research on minimally invasive surgical treatment in small animals
2) Research on surgical metabolism and nutrition in small animals
Veterinary Clinical Oncology Associate Professor
Hiroki Yamazaki
Establishment and application of 3D spheroid cell culture models
Study of hypoxia-targeted therapy in canine solid-tumors
Search ofbiomarker for treatment and diagnosis in dogs with malignant tumors
Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging Associate Professor
Kiwamu Hanazono
1) Acceleration of MRI imaging using sparse modeling and its clinical application
2) Analysis of renal function in dogs and cats using Doppler and contrast-enhanced ultrasonography
3) Analysis of right atrial function using ultrasonography and MRI
Veterinary Anesthesiology Professor
Kazuto Yamashita
1) Clinical research on general anesthesia, pain control and perioperative nutrition in dogs and cats
2)Research on intensive care for dogs and cats.
3) Research on the treatment for septicemia of horses
Associate Professor
Takaharu Itami
1) Examination of sensory ne1ve blockage area by epidural anesthesia and nerve block in cats and dogs
2) Research for therapeutic strategies for hemodynamic management in dogs,vith acidosis
3) Respiratory and circulatory function improving effect of Fuzaprazib in porcine endotoxin model
Veterinary Locomotive and Cardiology Professor
Mitsuhiro Isaka
1) Research on homeodynamics focused on the cardiovascular system
2) Research on the development of new cardiovascular surgery
3) Research on geriatrics (sarcopenia)
Equine Clinical Medicine Associate Professor
Nao tuzuki
1) Studies on oxidative stress in large animals
2) Studies on diagnostic imaging in large animals

Applied Veterinary Medicine

Health and Environmental Sciences
Animal Health Professor
Hidetoshi Higuchi
1) Basic research on cow’s mammary gland immune system
2) Analysis of the condition of cow hoof disease and its application to the prevention of hoof disease
Associate Professor
Satoshi Gondaira
1) Exploration of virulence factors of Mycoplasma bovis
2) Effect of Mycoplasma bovis on bovine immune response
3) Effect of amino acids on the immune response of bovine mastitis
Veterinary Epidemiology Professor
Kohei Makita
Epidemiology of animal and zoonotic diseases in Japan and developing countries
Food safety risk analysis
Control of animal and zoonotic diseases using One Health approach
Ryota Matsuyama
1) Epidemiology of animal diseases
2) Epidemiology of zoonosis
3) Evaluation and optimization of intervention for controlling diseases
Food Microbiology and Food Safety Professor
Masaru Usui
1) Research on resistant mechanism and immunity of medicine resistant bacteria
2) Research on measures against antimicrobial-resistant bacteria (including development of diagnostic methods)
Akira Fukuda
1) Epidemiologic research on antimicrobial resistant bacteria
2) Dynamics of antimicrobial resistant bacteria/resistance genes
3) Microbial contamination and control for food safety
Environmental Health Sciences Professor
Jun Noda
1) Research on hygiene management and disease prevention in animal rearing environment
2) Research on airborne infectious agents and their prevention
3) Research on hygiene management in built environment
Human-Animal Relationship Professor
Takanori Koriyama
1) Research on zooanthroponotic diseases in great apes
2) Research on relationship between marine mammal ecology and human activities
3) Research on biological response of assistance animals to animal assisted intervention
Zoonotic Diseases Professor
Yasukazu Muramatsu
Epdemiologic investigation of bacterial zoonosis
Associate Professor
Leo Uchida
1) Research on epidemiology and vector competence of mosquito-borne flaviviruses
2) Research on tick-borne viruses in wildlife
Veterinary Herd Health Professor
Shin Oikawa
1) Research on the control of metabolic diseases of cows
2) Research on the productivity and breeding environment of cows
3) Research on an effective application system of production-related data in dairy farming
Associate Professor
Rika Fukumori
1) Practical study on feeding management based on nutrient physiology
2) Research on secretion and action of metabolic hormones
3) Research on the management of periparturient cows
Veterinary Ethics Professor
Yuko Takahashi
1) Theories of Veterinary Medical Ethics
2) Animal Ethics in Bernard E. Rollin
3) Comparative Philosophy on Veterinary Ethics