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[Doctoral Course] Food and Nutrition Science

[Doctoral Course] Food and Nutrition Science

Characteristics of Food Processing

Food processing Professor
Makoto Ishioroshi
Gelation is an important processing characteristic in food processing. We mainly study the heating gelation of the protein including the principles of gelation, its interaction with other ingredients, and analysis methods using meat products as an example.
Yasuyuki Takeda
We investigate details of physicochemical changes, processing properties and influences to human health of fermented milk products through the analysis of the ecology and the functional characteristics of the relating lactic acid bacteria and aim to produce high value-adding fermenting milk products.
Yasuhiro Funatsu
We develop a novel food material that combines heterologous muscle protein for the purpose of effective use of underutilized water livestock resources. We analyze the gelling properties by several aspects such as rheological characteristics, protein analysis, and fine structure.
Food Physics Professor
Isamu Kaneda
We study physicochemical properties of food as soft matter by mainly using rheological method. The subject of our research is hydrogel and concentrated colloidal dispersions.

Nutrition Chemistry

Food and Nutrition Chemistry Professor
Shuichi Onodera
Biochemical and molecular biological research on food and nutrition components and biofunctional components affecting lipid metabolism and carbohydrate metabolism
Food Function Biochemistry Associate Professor
Tomohiro Iwasaki
Research on the food functions for the muscle plasticity,hypertrophy and prevention of atrophy using biochemical and molecular biological and histological methods.

Health and Nutrition 

Health and Nutrition Professor
Itaru Terai
Research on isolating plasma nucleic acid degrading enzyme and studying it how it breaks down de novo synthesis aptamer.
Associate Professor
Taichi Yamaguchi
Research to clarify methods of nutrition intake and exercise 1) for maintenance and promotion of health and 2) for improvement of sports performance
Clinical Nutrition Professor
Satomi Ishii
Research on the development of new food and lipid metabolism from food and health perspective. Research on Immunostimulatory action, and nutrition and metabolism of traditional fermented food. Research on nutrition, functionality and characteristics of fermented milk of the world. Research on traditional food culture.

Food Environment Management

Food Microorganism Management Professor
Akihiro Yamagichi
Construction pro-living body interaction analysis using a) food microbe and the cultured cell
Food Environmental Pollution ※Undecided