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[Master’s Course] Food and Nutrition Science

[Master’s Course] Food and Nutrition Science

Characteristics of Food Processing

Food processing Professor
Makoto Ishioroshi
Since food is manufactured through a variety of processing steps, components of the food vary. We study how component of food, especially protein, can be changed by the processing steps, and study its relationship between qualities of the product.
Yasuyuki Takeda
Focusing on fermented milk products, we investigate the correlations between their processing methods and physicochemical properties, and the ecology and functional characteristics of the relating lactic acid bacteria using biochemical, microbiological, and molecular biological techniques.
Yasuhiro Funatsu
We develop a fermented food by using microorganisms, such as koji and halophilic lactic acid bacteria for a purpose of effective use of low-use water livestock resources. We investigate changes such as chemical components and taste components during the fermentation process, and quality of final products.
Takashi Tochihara
We analyze physicochemical properties, functionality, and applicability to the food preparation of extracellular polysaccharides contained in mucilage that is produced by particular type of lactic acid bacteria.
Food Physics Professor
Isamu Kaneda
Research on physicochemical properties of soft matters using various methods, mainly rheological technique. In particular, we are interesting in hydrogels and condensed colloidal dispersions.

Nutrition Chemistry

Food and Nutrition Chemistry Professor
Shuichi Onodera
1) Study on the creation of functional oligosaccharides using the glycosyltransferase
2) Genetic engineering research of oligosaccharide related enzymes
3) Search for new functional food ingredient and their impact on the body
Associate Professor
Keiji Ueno
1) Research on function of biological regulation for oligosaccharides
2) Research on oligosaccharide production using carbohydrate related enzymes
3) Search for new carbohydrate related enzymes and research on their functional modification
Food Function Biochemistry Associate Professor
Tomohiro Iwasaki
Research on the food functions for the muscle plasticity,hypertrophy and prevention of atrophy using biochemical and molecular biological and histological methods.
Takayoshi Tagami
Research on biological analizung the function of food compositions by the skeletal muscle of the laboratory animal as materials

Health and Nutrition

Health and Nutrition Professor
Itaru Terai
We study the association with the influence that animal lectin gives to the living body for glyco-protein carbohydrate chain abnormality and the disease.
Associate Professor
Taichi Yamaguchi
Research to clarify methods of nutrition intake and exercise 1) for maintenance and promotion of health and 2) for improvement of sports performance
Associate Professor
Rumiko Sugimura
Research on the nutrition education for change of dietary behavior using a health behavior theory,and the relationship between dietary behavior and factor of the lifestyle-related diseases
Clinical Nutrition Professor
Satomi Ishii
Research on the development of new food and lipid metabolism from food and health perspective. Research on Immunostimulatory action, and nutrition and metabolism of traditional fermented food. Research on nutrition, functionality and characteristics of fermented milk of the world. Research on traditional food culture.
Naoki Mafune
We compare biological response to rice ball, an ancient Japanese mobile food, with modern instant food. We develop a diagnostic method by elucidation of the relationship between lifestyle-related diseases and blood viscosity.
Katsuro Hagiawara
1) Research on epidemiology, prevention and treatment of infectious diseases in livestock and wild animals.
2) Research on bovine immune function.
3) Research on tumor immunity
Hidetomo Iwano
The liver has an ability to detoxify chemical substances from both inside and outside the body, along with the role as a nutrition center. We conduct a research from the perspective of how nutrition affects chemical metabolism, and is involved in the disease.

Food Environmental Management

Food Microorganism Management Professor
Akihiro Yamaguchi
1) Research on functionality of food materials and symbiotic bacteria
2) Analysis of biological interaction with food microorganisms and cultured cells
Associate Professor
Kei Muramatsu
Our research subject is the effects of carbohydrate on microorganisms. We study carbohydrate utilization of bifidobacteria, search for bacteria that can utilize fructooligosaccharides and resource utilization of lactose by microorganisms.
Food Environmental Pollution ※Undecided