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[Master’s Course] Food System

[Master’s Course] Food System

Food Resource Utility Systems

Agriculture and Livestock Sitology Professor
Junichi Himoto
Development of storage, screening, sorting, transportation, packaging, processing technique for fruit and vegetables to quality preservation

Food Policy Systems

Food Policy Theory Professor
Kazuo Sato
Analysis of consumers’ preference for food safety and country-of-origin labeling of foods
Associate Professor
Fumiki Fukazawa
We take social scientific approach for examining relationship of food resources and local economy. Especially, we make some recommendations to cluster analysis in food industry, use of food resource and regional economy, and industrial policy.
Food Distribution Theory Professor
Toru Ozaki
Food distribution theory studies disttribution problem and market problem of foods,in addition, maks clear subject of foods distribution or market and the terminus ad quem of the past study.
Associate Professor
You Gyunghee
We analyze the relationship between food and distribution from production to consumption stage in socio-economic aspects, and make a recommendation about an appropriate way of food supply system.

Business Management Systems 

Business Administration Theory Professor
Tutomu Abe
We examine the marketing strategy, which emphasizes market corresponding, from the point of view of the technology management program. We perform an empirical research of food manufacturers and food machinery manufacturer with its own technology.
Food Information System Theory Professor
Kikuji Hotchi
International comparison of the food economy and food culture. History and current status of system related to the use and ownership of the land. Specific contents: ①Agriculture and livestock industry and food culture in China, ②Safety measures of food, ③Japanese land system and history of the post-war development
Associate Professor
Mitsuaki Mitani
We study allocation of suitable food, reduction of distribution costs, ensuring the safety, application of communication network technology, efficient distribution support and nature of information system by using IT.