Rakuno Gakuen University Graduate School | Veterinary Medicine・Dairy Science

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[Master’s Course] Dairy Science

[Master’s Course] Dairy Science

Crop Production Science

Soil Science and Plant Nutrition Professor
Takuji Sawamoto
Research on good agricultural practices based on scientific findings of soils and crops to secure substantial foods with less environmental impacts
Associate Professor
Yoshihiro Kobae
Research on good agricultural practices based on scientific findings of soils, plants and microorganisms to secure substantial foods with less environmental impacts
Plant Pathology and Entomology Professor
Takahiro Sonoda
Research on the ecology of asparagus disease and breeding for disease resistance
Yuka Komoda
The aim of my research is to elucidate plant-virus interactions and viral multiplication mechanisms using biochemical and molecular biological techniques.
Associate Professor
Eiryu Okamoto
We analyze complex microbial communities in all kinds of environments, such as soil and compost, the hydrosphere and the atmosphere, and conduct research to clarify microbial ecology.
Associate Professor
Kengo Nakahira
To establish sustainable agricultural pest control systems, we study the basic ecology such as the life history and behavior of pests and natural enemies and the methods of biological pest control.
Forage Feed Crops Science Professor
Toshiya Saigusa
We aim to establish a sustainable grassland management and forage production technology of resource recycling in cold region. We work on ① Elucidation of Growth characterization of the major grass species, ②Composition control of grass species in grassland, ③ Elucidation of nutrient dynamics in forage glass field
Taiki Yoshihira
We study to establish a cultivation technology that can achieve both high-yield and high-quality in forage crops (corn, grass, wheat and barley) and food crops (wheat, barley and beans). We also study on elucidation factor as viewed from the dry matter production process.
Plant Genetics Professor
Shiro Mori
Development of novel horticultural crops using plant biotechnology Elucidation of the physiological and ecological characteristics of horticultural plants in cold regions and establishment of high-quality cultivation techniques
Takahiro Wgatsuma
We try to understand the life of wild plants in the weed and the ecosystem in the field by molecular biological approach. We also conduct the research on the history and diffusion process of wild plants by estimating the genetic structure of weeds and wild plant populations.
Associate Professor
Yoshihiro Okamoto
We tackle various problems of haploid method of breeding in autogamous crop, especially rice.
1) Improvement in technology of another culture efficiency,
2) Establishment of haploid method of breeding other than anther culture method,
3) Gene mapping of anther culture efficiency,
4) Production of rice experiment strains such as DHLs and RILs. In these studies.
Dairy and Farm Machinery Professor
Michio Komiya
My research interest includes automation for efficient feeding, manufacturing of bio-diesel fuel and its physical properties and combustion characteristics of the fuel, and actual situation of energy use and improvement in dairy farm.
Associate Professor
Shiho Ishikawa
Research on the use of energy from biomass such as livestock manure, and the development of smart integrated systems to improve livestock comfort and work efficiency, with the aim of creating a new livestock management system that is friendly to livestock, humans, and the environment.

Animal Production Science

Animal Reproduction Professor
Kei Imai
1)Improvement of embryo production efficiency on in-vitro fertilization in bovine, and assessment technique for conception ability of in-vitro produced bovine embryos.
2)Improvement of Sexing technique in cattle.
3)Development of novel technology for embryo production in livestock animal.
Osamu Dochi
1)Development of efficient embryo production system in bovine.
2)Cryopreservation of bovine oocytes and embryos.
3)Improvement of pregnancy rate and effective utilization of embryo transfer in cattle.
4)Characterization of reproductive physiology in High-producing dairy cows
5)Improvement of reproduction management system in cattle.
Animal Genetics and Breeding Professor
Tomoko Amano
1)Research on genes involved in the production of milk and meat in livestock
2)Research on genes involved in the production of eggs and meat in poultry
3)Research on genes that control the traits such as disease resistance, breeding capacity and temperament involved in the proper management of livestock and poultry
Motoaki Sato
Morphological analysis of cell division in gametogenesis and embryogenesis of insects
Associate Professor
Yutaka Masuda
Study on methods for genetic and genomic improvement for economic traits of farm animals.
1)Statistical models to predict individual genetic value accurately
2)Selective breeding plans using biological data e.g., genomic information
3)Development of software useful for data analysis in quantitative genetics
Animal Nutrition Professor
Kenichi Izumi
Research feeding management techniques that balance optimal rumen function and high milk production.
1)Research on carbohydrate feeding techniques to maintain proper rumen function
2)Research on TMR formulation and feeding methods for high producing dairy herds
3)Developing a dairy production system that achieves high milk production
Yoshio Kiku
1)Research on diagnosis, treatment and prevention of bovine mastitis.
2)Research on alternative methods of antimicrobial treatment of bovine mastitis.
Hiroki Nakatsuji
Study on characteristics of feed digestion in the rumen of dairy cattle
Michi Yamada
We will study how to use eco-feed and how to improve the breeding environment so that the fed feed can be fully utilized for pigs and chickens . In addition, in pig farming, we will also conduct research to improve fertility for efficient production of piglets.
Kazuya Doi
Our goal is to produce ruminant livestock without relying on imported feed. Research on the conversion of forage and food and agricultural by-products into silage Research on estimation of dry matter intake in grazing areas
Farm Animal Management Professor
Shigeru Morita
Animal welfare assessment for good farm practice and production Factors influencing resting behavior and eating behavior in free-stall barn Analysis of the social connections of adjacent eating and resting cows
Hiroshi Yamada
As a study of human and animal relationship, we investigate the effects of animal therapy and hippotherapy, relationship between pets and humans, measurement of stress response and personality and temperament, exhibition of zoo animals, and behavioral survey.
Associate Professor
Kenji Nekomoto
We conduct research such as recycling and nitrogen balance of manure; low-cost processing of milking related drainage, and the actual occurrence of greenhouse gas. We also tackle a new theme, which is more “practical”.
Dairy Biochemistry Professor
Shuji Ozawa
Research on chemistry and bioactivity of plant polyphenols

Dairy Information Science

Dairy Farm Management and Information Science Professor
Yoshihiko Yoshino
We have built a database of business data of agricultural cooperatives in dairy farming areas, developed a program that enables sequential management analysis, and are using it for research.
1)Factors behind profitability disparities in dairy farm management
2)Conditions for formation of economic effects in grassland restoration
3)Conditions for securing high profits in grazing dairy farming
Farm Management Professor
Takahisa Hinata
1)Business management and planning in livestock farming
2)Decision-making for sustainable agriculture
3)Social conditions to promote sustainable agriculture
Toru Yoshioka
1)Planning and practicing method of management strategy in farm management.
2)Research on developmental conditions and direction of local farming systems
3)Research on requirements for establishment and the developmental direction of agricultural support system
Dairy Policy Professor
Seiji Inoue
Research on the influence which agricultural policy has on farm management and regional economy.
Kentaro Koito
1)Research on productivity of dairy farm management
2)Research on technology selection in agricultural production
3)A case study of the use of food by-products in agricultural production
Agricultural Marketing Professor
Harutomo Aihara
Research on the meanings of globalization seen in WTO agriculture negotiation, peculiar interest confrontations and inside contradictions found among developed countries or developing countries

Environmental and Synbiotic Science

Wildlife Science Professor
Yoshikazu Sato
We understand the ecology of wild animals, mainly brown bear, which represents wild animal in Hokkaido. In order to minimize conflicts with humans, we conduct research using various techniques such as field survey, laboratory experiment, and data analysis.
Associate Professor
Hiromasa Igota
Hunting is an important element of wildlife management. In order to pursue its ecological and social role, we conduct research on trends and awareness of hunting, ecology of hunted wildlife and efficient capture method.
Associate Professor
Toru Suzuki
In order to achieve a harmonious coexistence with wildlife and biological diversity and human society, we conduct basic and applied research with conservation biological and landscape ecological approaches.
Associate Professor
Yasuyuki Tachiki
Find solutions for solve the conflict between human and local-biodversity by finding benefits for each sides based on facts.
Associate Professor
Takashi Haramura
We are studying animal behaviour and animal ecology using amphibians and insects. Especially, we focus on basic research of these study fields.
Associate Professor
Sayaka Mori
Based on a foundation of fundamental research on the ecology, behavior, and evolution of wildlife, we also engage in applied research related to conservation. While emphasizing field surveys, we conduct research using GIS and DNA analysis. Our primary research subjects are wild birds.
Tetsuji Ito
Research using information and samples obtained through field surveys to obtain knowledge for wildlife management in consideration of wildlife ecology.
Assistant Professor
Kei matsubayashi
Understanding the mechanisms of diversification and maintenance of species in invertebrates especially insects with ecological genetic approaches. The instructions are mainly evolutionary ecology, behavioral ecology, taxonomy, molecular population genetics, quantitative genetics, and morphological analysis, and further, genomics, mathematical analysis, and chemical analysis are also available if needed.
International environmental information science Professor
Buho Hosino
Remote Sensing methods for environment change detection and ecosystem (habitat) modeling; Land surface change detection of Global and Regional scale.
Associate Professor
Kenta Ogawa
Application of remote sensing, GPS and GIS technology for environmental policy making, prediction of climate change and monitoring of forest and agricultural field.
Environmental conservation science Professor
Nobutake Nakatani
Research on chemical process dynamics in aquatic system. Development of water quality monitoring system based on the analytical chemistry.
Satoru Hobara
Universal rules in organic matter decay in natural ecosystems Influences of soil minerals and microorganisms on ecosystem processes Plant-soil interaction through chemical substances in terrestrial ecosystems
Osamu Yoshida
1) Domestic and international field observations and international precision analysis on global warming
2) Analysis of biogeochemical material cycles and global environmental change
3) Creation of sustainable agriculture and fishery with field observations
Kenji Baba
This laboratory conducts research in various fields related to meteorology, oceanography, and climatology. Using statistical analysis and weather model analysis, we will understand the environment field from both reality and theory.
Akiko Toi
We examine the effectiveness of environmental agreements in Japan by demonstrating and evaluating the degree of acceptance of environmental treaties in domestic law. In particular we focus on biodiversity and natural protection related treaties.
Associate Professor
Shuhei Matsuyama
1) Research on ecology and evolution of invasive plants
2) Effect of deer overabundance on forest ecology and plant community
3) Plant ecology contributing to conservation of natural vegetation
Takashi Chiba
1)Examination, reexamination and updating of diatom species in modern environments for paleoenvironmental reconstructions
2)Elucidation of the taphonomic (fossilization, weathering, diagenesis and mineralization) process of microorganisms.
3)Paleoearthquake and Paleotsunami research in coastal areas
4)Elucidation of abrupt changes in the surface environment caused by anthropogenic pollution and subsequent transition processes
5)Identifying introduced microorganisms based on genes and the fossil records