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Science Journal ROH

Research of One Health

The graduate school committee of the university decided to publish a study on the area of agricultural, food, environmental and animal sciences, which ensure the ecological and healthy life. It is the purpose of the publication to develop the practical or basic studies, related to sustainable food production that does not result in additional to the environment based on the earth material circulation.

Posted papers from university graduates who are promoting their own research in the workplace, graduate students, faculty members and researchers who are conducting research related to the purpose and the area described above are largely welcomed, and are reviewed by the editorial board of papers and published through the approval by the graduate school committee.

2016 June

Parasitic nematodes obtained from marsupials reared at a semi-free ranging facility in a Japanese zoological park

Yukari Sotohira
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2016 March

Empirical Analysis Regarding Health Promoting Behavior and Consumer Behavior of Soy Food Products.

Toshifumi Kato
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2015 Oct

Simultaneous Determination of the Neurotransmitters and Free Amino Acids in Rat Organs by LC-MS Analysis

Naoyuki Maeda
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2015 Oct

Analysis of the economic impact on the pig farmers and their corporate management caused .by the spread of the porcine epidemic diarrhea among domestic swine.

Osamu Ichikawa
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2015 Oct Taiki Yoshihira Effect of stem growth habit on soybean yield stability to planting density. [PDF]
2015 Oct Hiroshi Tokura History of Communication System Agriculture Education in Rakuno Gakuen and View to Further and Higher Education. [PDF]
2015 March Tomoo Yoshino Postmortem and helminthological examination of seabirds killed by oil spilled at Ishikari, Hokkaido, Japan, in November 2004 [PDF]
2015 March Yuta Furukawa Nutrient inflow from creeks around the lake Miyajimanuma [PDF]
2015 March Tooru Ozaki Research on the Business Development of Community Farming Corporations [PDF]
2014 March Tomoo Yoshino Filarial nematodes belonging to the superorders Diplotriaenoidea and Aproctoidea from wild and captive birds in Japan [PDF]
2014 March Mayumi Murase An ectoparasite and epizoite from a western gray whale (Eschrichtius robustus) stranded on Tomakomai, Hokkaido, Japan [PDF]
2014 March Mariko MURATA A study of points for improving the growing sense of risk regarding the food preparation for aged-care facilities [PDF]